You can always get the latest version via this download link: Download
The downloaded CosmeticsMod.jar can be opened with a double click. Now you simply have to confirm the installation (Java 8 is required for this).
You can simply copy the CosmeticsMod.jar into the .minecraft/LabyMod/addons-1.8 folder.
To find the .minecraft folder, press the Windows key + R and enter %appdata%.
Please go ahead and contact one of our Supporters.
All settings regarding the Cosmetics can now be found in your options under LabyMod Settings.
Yes, as long as LabyMod has been installed for Forge. The installation of CosmeticsMod stays the same.


No, all Cosmetics that you adjust via CosmeticsMod are only visible to you!
Online Cosmetics can only be purchased in the LabyMod Shop:
You can buy a nametag or win it trough active giveaways.
Shop: Shop
Giveaways are openly announced on this Discord and also on YouTube.
You can find the YouTube channel here: Cape | Bandana
Unlock the Cosmetic GIFCAPE, click the gear icon and then Open Folder. Here you can insert .GIF files and press Reload Textures ingame.
Now all you have to do it enter the file name into the text box and the animated Cape should be visible!